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Discover your next roof-top tent from Te Ata Adventure & Supply. We supply aerodynamic, spacious roof-top tents with unique, modern designs. Our products are exactly what you need for your next camping experience.

Buy High Quality Rooftop Tents

Make your next outdoor adventure an unforgettable experience with a top-quality roof-top tent from Te Ata Adventure & Supply. We provide accessories and awnings for tents, roof top tents, and Take a look through our roof-top tent products, combos, and special offers now.


"Spring Combo" - ABS One Rooftop Tent + Awning

The perfect rooftop tent for camping, the ABS One gives you a view of the stars from an ultra-comfortable built-in mattress. Paired with the awning that allows you to protect yourself from the sun and rain, you get the ultimate combination.

The ABS One has a resistant hard shell that gives you easy protection from all kinds of weather conditions and extra durability. The awning, which connects with your ABS One hard shell roof-top tent gives you far more space in your camping set-up.

"Spring Combo" - ABS One Rooftop Tent + Annex

Ideal if you need a bit of extra comfort and space to store your belongings, this combo is perfect for your next adventure. With this Spring Combo, you get the top-quality durability of the ABS One hard shell roof-top tent. Plus, the Annex gives you heaps more space on the ground to spread out your camping gear past your vehicle.

The covered space gives you privacy if you need to change your clothes and an extra layer of mosquito netting to minimise bites and swats.

IMG_7229 (1).jpg

"Spring Combo" ALU One Rooftop Tent + 270 Awning

Another hard shell roof-top tent, the ALU One delivers on practicality, security, and comfort for any adventure. Constructed from patented aluminium alloy, it features a built-in light, low profile, eight internal storage pockets, and much more.

One of our favourite awnings for car tents comes in this combo. 270º and 2.5 m free-standing, this awning is a must-have. It only requires one person to operate, opens within seconds, and provides twelve square metres of shade.

"Spring Combo" ABS One Rooftop Tent + 270 Awning

The ABS One roof-top tent combined with our 270 Awning is a must-have pair. Delivering on both space and protection from the elements, you get a durable roof-top tent and one of our best awnings at a reduced cost when you invest in this Spring Combo.

ABS One - Hardshell Rooftop Tent

The ABS One hard shell roof-top tent is one of our premium quality products, featuring a unique, modern design that is spacious and aerodynamic. For extra protection and durability, this roof tent has a resistant hard shell made from ABS plastic. It is easy to set up and pack down so you can spend more time enjoying your camping experience. Check out our details on the ABS One hard shell roof top tent to find out more.

ALU One - Hardshell Rooftop Tent

We put together the ALU One roof-top tent with exceptional consideration and care. Every little detail has been thought through so that you and your family get practicality, security, and comfort - whatever your adventure. Built with patented aluminium alloy, this roof-top tent has extra protection and durability against all weather conditions.

Get Your Premium Roof Tent at Te Ata Adventure & Supply

Ready to start your next adventure? Shop for your new roof-top tent with Te Ata Adventure & Supply today. Or, get in touch with us to find out how to decide between our ALU ONE, made of aluminium alloy or ABS One roof-top tent for your next New Zealand camping adventure.

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