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Our flagship product! Te Ata Rooftop Tents were designed to bring you the comfort, safety and versatility that you and your family need to go on your adventures. All our Rooftop Tents are Hardshell, that means: greater durability, safety and better aerodynamics. Both of our models have unique features, in order to ensure that one of them will be covering your needs in the best possible way.

  • Camping with the whole family and need extra space?

  • Going on that surf trip with friends and need a shade between sessions?

  • Or do you simply like a complete structure when camping, because you can't skimp on comfort?

Our awnings and annex come to complement and add even more comfort to your adventures and other activities.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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If there is an essential accessory for a trip, it is the cap. Whether to protect from the sun, on a trail, or to save the hairstyle that you can't fix. But we decided to go further, Te Ata's headwear will be a product line that designed with the purpose of bringing differentials to cover  the various experiences that our customers will go through. Each cap has a different feature, just choose your favorite.

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