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Car Tent

Not sure if your tent will fit in your current car, or are you planning to get a new car soon? Let us help you decide on a car tent.

Car Roof Tent

Whether you own a rooftop tent, are planning to get one or are not sure whether your existing rooftop tent will fit with your car, we are here to help. Car rooftop tents are a great way to enhance your next outdoor adventure.

Car Tent

Te Ata roof-top tents are suitable for any standard passenger vehicle, van, 4x4, truck, or trailer. The ALU One is only suitable for bigger vehicles, while the ABS One can fit on small or big cars.


A fantastic alternative to ground tents or campervans, rooftop tents mount onto your vehicle's roof rack system. Whatever kind of car you have, rooftop tents allow you to convert your vehicle into the ultimate mobile basecamp.


Whether you are camping alone, with friends or with family, a rooftop tent  offers a range of benefits. Let us take you through a handful of those advantages.

Off the ground

With a waterproof roof-top tent, you will be elevated and off the ground, making it much easier for you to stay dry and comfortable. Further, you are less likely to track dirt into your living space with a rooftop tent than with a normal tent or van.

Easy setup

With a rooftop tent, all you have to do is find the perfect spot to park, switch off the engine, and open up the tent. Set up your roof tent within minutes and spend more time enjoying the camping experience.


More comfortable

Rooftop tents are so much more comfortable than standard sleep rolls. Built into each of our rooftop tents is a high-density foam mattress that will guarantee you a good night's sleep. Sleeping in a rooftop tent also means you get plenty of weather protection.

How roof-top tents work

If you own a roof-top tent, all you have to do is drive to a primo camping location, lower the ladder, and climb on in. The car roof top tents that we provide here at Te Ata Adventures are super easy to install and fit most car roof rack systems.


At Te Ata Adventures, we provide the best quality hard-shell tents. That means you and your family get better comfort and versatility, as necessary for your upcoming adventures. We opt to stock hardshell rooftop tents rather than any kind of softshell tent, because we prefer the durability, safety, and aerodymanics that they offer.


Both the rooftop tent models we supply have unique features, ensuring that one of them will cover your needs in the best possible way. Each of our tents only makes a small footprint when folded, making it easy for you to leave on your car and get going on unplanned weekends away.


Hardshell rooftop tents are also ultra easy to set up, requiring you to simply pop it open with a few latches. Choose from patented aluminium alloy construction or ABS plastic.

Finding the right rooftop tent for your car

All the rooftop tents we stock at Te Ata Adventures are made with the highest quality materials and purpose-built for a variety of conditions. Discover our gallery of cars carrying our rooftop tents.

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