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Sleep Safely (and Comfortably) While Camping In A Rooftop Tent

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

New Zealand is a breathtakingly gorgeous country, so it’s no surprise that hiking and camping are popular activities here. Of course, when you go out into the magnificent wilderness, safety and security should be two of your top priorities. One of the very best ways to stay safe - and comfortable - at night is to get yourself an incredible rooftop tent.

If you have never heard of these wonderful products before, then you are probably rather confused. What are these kinds of tents, and what makes them better than standard tents that sit on the rocky ground? People who frequently go camping know that a tent set on mud or rocks isn’t very comfortable at all. Even if the surrounding wilderness is undeniably beautiful, sleeping with only a thin layer of material between you and the dirt isn’t something that most people find pleasant.

This is where these outstanding tents can save the day. With one of these, your adventures can become far more enjoyable.

What Are Rooftop Tents?

As their name implies, these tents are innovative products that can be fitted to the top of your car. These tents have so many advantages over the typical tents that most of us are used to - if you are serious about your travels, you should strongly consider investing in one of these incredible products.

Why Should I Choose One Of These Tents Over A Standard Tent?

So, what exactly makes these awesome tents better than other models? Sleeping on top of your car instead of on the uneven ground already sounds nice, but is it really that advantageous?

Some of the most notable advantages that rooftop tents can offer you are:

Their Setup Is Easier And Quicker. Setting up a standard tent is a frustrating chore that most of us hate. You need to find a good spot, clear it of any debris, get all of your components together, fit them together correctly, make sure they stay secure and more. While it is nice to have shelter, putting it together is a stressful hassle.

However, car roof tents are relatively simple to set up. Most models take only a few minutes to get ready. With these, you can say goodbye to stressfully messing with tent poles and mystery parts and just enjoy the wilderness.

They’re Far More Comfortable. Perhaps one of the most significant advantages that rooftop tents have is that they’re simply more comfortable than standard tents. You won’t have to worry about lying on a rock or dealing with the uneven ground because you’ll be happily lying on a pleasantly smooth surface.

They’re Cleaner. Nature is beautiful, but it’s not always clean, and you will undoubtedly have to deal with more than a couple of messes during your travels. Even if you’re used to dirt and debris, no one likes waking up in a rain-drenched tent surrounded by mud.

Naturally, dirt and mud won’t bother you at all when you’re in your outstanding roof tent. These tents’ elevated positions will protect you from dirt, rocks and more.

They Can Protect You From Pests. Rooftop tents are perfect for those worried about insects or small animals finding their way into their tent while they sleep. While there are still animals who could climb your car or scurry around your tires, there’s a far smaller chance that any of them will actually crawl into your tent while you sleep.

You also have the option to fold up your tent’s ladder when you’re safely inside, so you can further protect yourself from anything in the wilderness.

They Give You A Better View. Travelling helps you stay connected to the earth and appreciate the natural beauty around you. Sitting in your rooftop tent and looking out at this breathtaking place we call home can fill you with indescribable inspiration and motivation.

But, it would be a little harder to experience these feelings if you had a lousy view of your surroundings. Sitting on the ground usually doesn’t give you the best scenery.

However, sitting up top in a tent on your car’s roof will offer you a much better view. With these tents, you can safely and comfortably admire this gorgeous country.

Where Can I Find Excellent Rooftop Tents That’ll Keep Me Safe During My Travels?

Are you ready to travel and see the world from a better, more secure position? With Te Ata Adventure & Supply, you can enhance your travels like never before. Our fine selection of products includes high-quality tents and accessories that offer excellent protection and wonderful luxury.

Our products are perfect for any travel situation, whether you’re going on a fun trip with your loving family or you’re off to see some natural beauty with your best buddies.

If you have any inquiries or further questions about any of our products, please feel free to speak to our team at

Turn your trips into live-changing experiences with products from us at Te Ata Adventure & Supply.

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