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Te Ata means Dawn in Te Reo Māori.

New Zealand's dawn is the first in the world, and the dawn represents a lot of what we seek in our lives:  new beginnings,

the search for the new, the search for adventures, and unique moments.


Our logo was created to represent the pillars of our brand and the elements that surround our entire community, in order to reflect who we are, what we seek and what we preserve.

- Mountains, nature and all the adventure it offers.

- Our tents and the security they bring in the search for our adventures.

- The dawn, surrounding our entire search for unforgettable stories.



Te Ata was created with the intention of promoting the search for adventure! The importance of giving value to the nature around us, the people on our side and the opportunity to write new stories. Our mission is to promote community, the unique moments and the respect for the environment, all this through the products that give; security, versatility and comfort in the search for special moments.

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